The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival is an annual celebration of fiber arts and the livestock animals that make the raw materials for those arts, held in Canby, OR. Each year, they hold a contest to design the logo for the festival. The winning logo is used on all festival paraphernalia that year. Oregon has a robust hand-made culture, which I was steeped in when I lived there for a few years, and which ultimately inspired me to make the logo completely hand-drawn. 
The logo draws on a Blackletter style for the lettering of “Flock & Fiber,” but employs a much looser style for the other text and for the accompanying illustrations. Included in the illustrations is the Jacob sheep and felting needle, this year’s celebrated livestock and craft. The color scheme keeps to warm, soft blues, greens, and yellows, which speak to the earthiness of livestock raising and to the colors used in fiber arts. The logo appears as is on the women’s and men’s T-shirts, in a variation on the tote bag, and in a one-color version on the coffee mug. Also presented here are early ideas in the drafting stage of the design.