The Just Soap Company is a small startup based in Durham, NC, focused on crafting personal care products made from the simplest ingredients. Their debut product lineup consists of three body bar soaps. The products’ appeal is primarily to young men in the Millennial generation, who tend to be very image-conscious and highly aware of personal products. But the design is purposefully not overly masculine, which allows the audience to widen to include all young people who are looking for a clean soap with attitude. 
The aesthetic has a vintage feel lent by the typeface choices and arrangements, and the layouts draw inspiration from turn-of-the-century package design. But they are also modern in their use of colors, subtle patterns, and minimalist illustrations. The three scents that were included in this campaign are Lemon & Ginger, Grapefruit & Honey, and Rosemary & Cedar, scents that are at once rustic and human.