This is a sampling of my illustration work. These are not part of any larger project, but serve as a representation of the scope of what I can do. I have wide-ranging influences, from comic art to editorial illustration to realism, and that comes through in the various styles I can work in. I also use a variety of methods, including traditional media, digital media, and often a mix of both.
The illustrations here all have unique sources of inspiration. In order: “Capricorn,” inspired by the zodiac sign; “Branwen,” inspired by a story from Welsh mythology (and, of course, used on the book cover in the Mabinogion campaign); an illustrated map of Griffith Park in LA; a personification of the Earth’s waters; “Rat Yoga,” from an internet prompt; “First Day of September,” which begins my favorite time of year; “White Elephant,” a still-life illustration; and an illustrated map of St. Augustine, FL.