I-Rolls Bakery was started just this year by a then-student chef at Wake Tech Community College, whose specialty is crafting hand-rolled ice cream and customizing Swiss rolls to every taste. The chef wanted to get her brand established with an aesthetic that was fun and cute, that would appeal to children as well as adults. They asked for the logo to incorporate one of their specialty items in some way, and asked that pink be used as one of the main colors. They also requested a business card, and other materials to help establish their brand.
For the logotype, a minimalist Swiss roll illustration was created and used as the O in “Rolls,” and the lettering was created from modified type. The broader aesthetic evolved from the logotype. Because that lettering is so specific, a second font with a mid-century diner feel is used as the primary typeface on the business card and landing page, in dark pink. A silhouette of the Swiss roll appears on all materials, acting as a symbol or carrier. Another repeated graphic element is the candy sprinkles adorning the landing page and business card. The color palette is limited to candy pinks and blues in several deeper and lighter hues, to add variety while keeping everything unified.