Carolina Campus Cotton is located in the heart of North Carolina. It serves local university stores, and its goal is simple but noble: to connect North Carolinians with locally sourced and locally manufactured cotton clothing that supports their favorite state university. Each season, it releases a catalog to university stores with new apparel. The company also wanted to establish a web presence with their own site, to coincide with the release of the Spring 2018 catalog. Along with that, they elected for an update to their logotype. 
The logotype uses a retro font that is rounded and warm, and muted, earthy greens and yellows give it a rustic and organic feel, which captures the company’s ethos. The catalog is meant to be inviting and attractive to those that manage purchases for university stores. And in keeping with the company’s aesthetic, its design was inspired by natural elements, particularly the cotton plant. Cotton bolls and stems appear throughout the catalog as hand-drawn graphic elements. The design also makes use of watercolor splotches in earthy hues, which were digitized, to add pops of color and continue the hand-made vibe. The landing page for the website draws on these same naturalistic elements, but presented in a clean modern design.